Wish: Execute Macro shows the Group containing its target macro

When I add an Execute Macro action, I pick the desired macro from a hierarchical list. After the selection, the Execute Macro shows just the name of the target macro.

As far as I can tell, the only way to locate the definition of the target macro is to select the All Macros group and look for a matching name. This fails when there are two or more macros with the same name in different groups.

I’ve found a work-around to the duplicate name problem: rename one or both of the duplicate macro names (e.g., add the Group name as a prefix or suffix).

Checkout this excellent macro by @DanThomas:
###Macro: Go To Executed Macro

I believe it will do what you need.

In the macro selector popup menus, you can now choose Select Macro from the selected entry to select the macro in the editor. The macro group would then be selected in the macro group column (or displayed in the top right of the editor if multiple macro groups are selected).

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Thanks, @JMichaelTX and @peternlewis for your speedy responses to my request.

Both the Go To Executed Macro macro and the built-in Select Macro feature clearly identify the referenced macro. However, because they select the referenced macro, the macro containing the Execute Macro action is replaced, and there’s no Back button.

What I’d prefer is for the Execute Macro action to display both the macro name and its parent group. For example,

Execute macro Paste Styled (Pages)

where “Pages” is the name of a group of macros for the Pages app.

Displaying the parent group would complement (not replace) the Select Macro feature.

That is not correct. The "Go to Executed Macro" macro simply moves the edit focus to the Executed Macro, It does NOT change or replace anything.

Once the edit focus is in the "Execute Macro" target, you can quickly jump back to the parent macro using the menu View > Select Macros > Last Edited:

You can also use the Recent Edited Macro list:

Clicking on the Clock toolbar icon will go back.