Wish list: add "trigger with hotkey (global)" to macro triggers

I often find myself wanting to be able to globally use a macro in present in a "show palette for one action "palette (ie inactive globally). The simplest way I found is to ⌘⌥ drag and drop into the global macro group to create an alias which can be a bit tedious.

It would be nice if I could simply add a hotkey trigger which would respond globally.

Moving the macro to the global macro group is not a solution: the global macro group will become bloated and difficult to use. Macros in palettes are much easier to find and work with.

thanks in advance for your time and help

I'm not fully sure I understand the issue: You don't have to use the one Global Macro group, you can create any groups you like and make them globally enabled. This would allow you to use whatever organization method you want.

I don't have any macros in the official Global Macro Group. But I have lots of groups that run with those same activation conditions:


So you could just set up additional organization groups, and put your palette macros there (as aliases, or just as the place to keep them). Am I misunderstanding the request, though, and this wouldn't meet your needs for having both organization and globally-usable macros?



TIL "⌘⌥ drag and drop" creates an alias! Thanks.

(And yes, @griffman is right, you can create another group that is global for just the pallet actions you want.)


thank you @griffman and @johns for your comments.

I think that there is a misunderstanding. My fault for not expressing myself clearly.
I also have many groups that are globally enabled as per @griffman 's ScreenShot.

I should have given a practical example to illustrate my question.

Imagine that you have a macro in a NON global palette or nested palette for which you decide to add a globally active hotkey. This happens to me quite frequently. Let's say that within the palette, the hotkey trigger is "d" and you would like to add the globally active hotkey ⌃⌥ ⌘d

Yes, like both of you say, I could simply create a globally active group and create an alias of the macro in that group (that's what I meant initially - I just took the global macro group as an illustration) but that becomes quite tedious and confusing when you do it for multiple macros and on a regular basis.

I was thinking: why not just add a "globally active" hotkey to the list of macro triggers (the macros in the palette).

Macro Groups control activation and I'm loath to add an ability to for triggers to override that.

The correct solution is to make a globally active macro group and make aliases in there with your global triggers. That way you can trigger them however you like, not just hot keys, you could use Status Menu triggers, or Stream Deck or whatever.

Further, if I did implement this, five minutes later I'd be fielding questions about how people can then make them not quite global, because they need the hot key available in some game, or whatever. Macro Groups provide this kind of control, and controlling when macros are active is their primary purpose.

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I totally understand. thank you very much for the explanation @peternlewis

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