Wish list: multi-level lists in comments

It would be nice in terms of structure to have multi-level lists in comments.
thank you Peter

@ronald, can you provide an example of what you'd like?

Comments do support a modest HTML-style of lists.

However, I would caution not to start building some long complex Comments in KM.
Remember ALL Actions and ALL Macros are store in one giant Macro plist file. The larger this gets the slower KM will be, especially editing.

I'd suggest writing your documents in something else; Evernote, Scrivener, etc, and then just provide a link to the document in the KM Comment.

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A very good suggestion. A very large file is definitely not a good idea. Thanks very much

in your replies, how do you separatelyaddress multiple points from the post you are replying to ?

I use select text → reply, but that covers only one point

Hi Ronald,

This should probably be a different thread. Maybe a mod will move it if they think it's necessary.

If you highlight what you want to quote as you are doing for your first point, you get the above.

You can then highlight additional text in a previous post, and a grey 'Quote' box should appear. You click that and it inserts it into your post.

You can even go back to previous messages and quote them also. I hope that is the question you were asking!


it's crystal clear. thanks very much !

In order to make that work, you need to use the Formatting Ruler, and choose a List type:



Click on the "Lists" popup, and select a style. I like the middle bullet:



I have this simple Macro to show/hide the Ruler:


Is that what you want?

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