Wish list or alternative solution: insert URL in comment action

I copy paste URLs into comment actions at the beginning of macros, but the pasted URLs do not create active links (probably a text files).
Is there any other way I could insert a comment with an active URL ?
Perhaps something to consider for a future version of KBM?
I use it quite a lot to reference where a macro is discussed in the KBM forum for example, or perhaps a web site where a specific apple script is discussed.
thank you !


I agree, that would be very useful.
In fact, it used to work, the KM Comment Action would auto-create an active live hyperlink when you pasted a URL.
But in one of the recent KM updates it stopped working.

@peternlewis, can you please restore this feature?



Keyboard Maestro has never directly supported clickable links in the fields.

They would be supported only if the system supported them in the text field and/or styled text and/or attributed strings.

And they might vary depending on how you copied the link in the first place.

I will look and see if there are some settings I can tweak to make links in comments clickable. Maybe the system changed to require opt in somewhere along the lines.

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@peternlewis @JMichaelTX thank you both !

Hi @ronald, I created the links via the context menu:


macOS Mojave 10.14.3
Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4


thank you for your Post.
I do not have make link in my context menu. Perhaps because I have Sierra ? Or did you find a way to add it to the context menu ?


Hey @ronald,

In your post, you've also selected the space in front of the URL, but the "Make Link" context menu option only appears if the entire selected text is a valid URL. Try having nothing but the URL selected and see if that doesn't make the option appear.

Leading Space and URL Selected

Only URL Selected


It used to work, I think immediately or shortly after you make the Comment Action be rich text.

Thanks. That would be great.

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You are obviously right. How embarrassing ! thanks very much

@peternlewis @appleianer @JMichaelTX @gglick
Appleianer seems to have the solution. Works perfectly.

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Almost perfect. Who can write a macro to convert the URL on the Clipboard to rich text link and paste?


yes, you are right

This is also not yet perfect @JMichaelTX & @ronald, but because of lacking script knowledge, I tried it only with KM :wink:

Comment:Link.kmmacros (33,6 KB)


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For the next version I have switched on the setting for “automatically detect links” for the text field in the Comment, Insert Styled Text by Pasting, and Display Text actions.

Just as @appleianer suggests, you can select the link and control click on it and Make Link, and if it is a link (or automatically detected as a link), you can choose Remove Link to make it plain again.


thank you Peter !

thank you for the video and macro.
the image recognition does not work. probably too small

Please recreate the screenshot on your Mac @ronald. It should work for you then.

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OK. thank you. I understand.

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Hey Peter,

If you can do this can you turn OFF smart copy/cut/paste globally?

I and many others are weary of having dumb smart copy/cut/paste mangle paths and such when pasting variable names, etc.



Isn't that a system preference? In the Keyboard, Text system preferences?