Wish list (or is it currently possible?) add "unchanged" to the regular, italic, bold option in the apply style to clipboard action

hello, I frequently use this action and find myself having to restyle the text with bold and italics section after running it, which is quite tedious. Assuming of course that I want to change the font. Otherwise I would choose font unchanged.

thank you


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Not sure if I'm understanding you correctly ...

Suppose you want to make a "flat" text green and bold, same font.

Then this would work with this macro. The disadvantage is you need a separate command for everything (eg. ⌘+b bold).

I have configured a few of these and placed them in separate Favorites.

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my point was that I want to change the font to verdana and preserve sections of text in bold or italics

Please excuse me, now I understand. No idea if this is possible without the new feature you requested, probably not.

Maybe if you automate something with the font window (⌘+t). I tried that ... it works up to a certain point.

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I also tried and found it unreliable. Thank you for your reply.

@ronald I don't want to bother you ... maybe I have too much time right now, probably :slightly_smiling_face:

The macro below works. It uses the font menu from TextEdit. The font is changed, everything else is not.

Open TextEdit, select the text in your app (Scrivener in my case or use "activate last app" in the macro) and run the macro.

font to verdana and preserve bold or italics.kmmacros (6.9 KB)

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thank you @Frankb. I tested the macro. Unfortunately, the approach using move and click with coordinates is simply too unreliable (sometimes works, other times not) in my experience and I have used it many times. It is reliable for the apple menu bar.
I use Scrivener a lot. Many times a day.
thanks very much for taking the time and making the effort to write this macro.