Wish list: scalable images in display text in window action

Hello, I use the display text → display text in window action to create small help menus containing technical information, often with annotated images.
It is very convenient because it allows me to easily create contextual technical help menus. I know that I could display actual files in Finder but working directly in KBM is much easier.
The images I paste or drop into the action are usually much too large. It would be nice to be able to scale the images within KBM instead of having to reduce the size in an external editor and then copy/paste or drag into the display text in window box.
thank you !


Well, I didn't even know I could paste images into that Action! That IS cool.

I see "Markup" is available for pasted images, but I don't see a way to scale them there.

I'm afraid it is a standard NSTextView. It supports a lot but I don't see any way to resize an image in it and it is not something I can add to the field I'm afraid.

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thank you very much Peter. No problem, I will write a KBM macro to resize the image in an external app and paste back in the box.
Have a nice weekend.