Wishlist: Find element in Website, do actions

After some hours could I was finally able to scrape a website using KM and felt awesome :sunglasses:,
I was able to do thanks that googling around the forum to help me out there were many examples and answers from this great forum :slight_smile:

So, those threads I found were similar, asking how-to, and examples of functions such as Xpath, document.getElementsByClassName, etc, so I thought it'd be helpful to have an official method to:
1-Check if an element has been found using XPath, ID, Class (similar to the "True" of image found),
Example: A dropdown with options about approach.
2-check if it's unique or not.
3-Actions: Save as variable, to Clipboard, Display in Window, etc.

Thoughts, sir @peternlewis

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just minutes after posting, found this macro:


I think you have most of that in this Macro:

MACRO: Pause Until Web Page Element Exists [Example]

This uses the JavaScript "querySelector" rather than "XPath", which I much prefer, because it is much easier to construct and use, and can identify almost all of the same elements that XPath can.