Word Count

I am working on a pice to submit which as a word count limitation. Bean allows me to speak text, a feature I use a lot to gain perspective on my writing. TextWrangler gives a running word count but cannot speak text. I may have to start writing exclusively in Scrivener as It has most of the tools I need, including word count. Much of the time, KM provides great work-arounds which can fill in when needed.

I do not see anyway to have KM count words. Have I missed this feature or does It not exist (yet)? Thanks.

You might want to check the KM docs:
See Keyboard Maestro Wiki

If you do a search there you will find your answer. :smile:

Have a good weekend.

Number of words in clipboard.kmmacros (19.4 KB)

Thanks all. I did’t know there was a KM WIKI. I will surely persue this too.