Word suggestion list while typing

Hi There,

I found a way to make KM display a list of word suggestions WHILE TYPING, at least in some Apple applications (notes, number, pages etc.).

If you can live with the odd behaviour that now a list of words constantly pops up under each word while typing, it is a time-saving solution.

The macro just hits option-escape, whenever a-z is typed.

Best Matze

Edit: Macro does not work properly! The spacebar causes a written word to be replaced with the top one word, even when you actually want the word to end at that point.

E.g. "Bund" might be a word you want to write, but it is replaced by "Bundeskanzlerin", when hitting spacebar.

Anyone ideas how to disable the spacebar?

Wortvorschla╠łge.kmmacros (7.6 KB)

This is ... nice ...

How exactly? Are you faster by selecting incompletely typed words in a list? Not me, on the contrary. Or am I misunderstanding something?

Hi Frank,
at least some german words are very long, for instance "Verteidigungsministerium". Having typed "Vertei" will popup the list with this long word and I just have to select it with a click.
That is faster even for me who can touchtype. Not to mention users who are a bit slower on the keyboard.

Hi Matze, ok, I see what you mean. BT if I stop writing at "Vertei" and look for the right word in the list, then reach for the mouse and click on the word.... in that time I wrote "Verteidigungsministerium" twice. :wink:

Aber das ist keine Kritik an deinem Makro. Theoretisch ist das eine interessante Idee, nur habe ich mit 16 Jahren gelernt schnell mit 10 Fingern zu schreiben und empfinde jede Ablenkung als Bremse :man_shrugging:

But I could imagine that your macro helps to write words correctly. In this spirit, thank you :smiley:

Hi, I also type very fast with 10 fingers and still I use shortcuts via Typinator to write some words even faster. The idea to display the word list came up because in my job I sometimes search for words that start with some part of a word, for example with the part "Aug". Instead of jumping to the word list of the University of Leipzig and entering Aug* (via macro of course), opt-esc is the faster way. This then gave me the idea that it might be helpful for people who don't type that fast.
However, I just discovered a misbehaviour: The spacebar causes the written word to be replaced with the top one, even when I actually want the word to end at that point.

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