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Hello, fellow terrestrials,

Here's to a better year ahead, okay?

Okay, here goes: Trying to automate downloading orders from my WordPress site. If I've logged in recently, the download-orders page opens fine from its specific URL. But if I haven't, WordPress makes me log in again from the log-in page, and then I need to go to the download-orders page.

So I need a conditional thing, but I don't know how to do it:
IF the orders page opens, do this thing
ELSE if not, log in, and then go to the download-orders page.

I don't know how to tell KM how to differentiate. I'll bet it's easy… if you know how to do it. Ain't it the way for all things.

(I don't imagine this is relevant, but I use a Mac and my browser is Safari.)

Thanks everyone. And please, a better year for the world.


Hey Ed,

  • What web browser?
  • What do the two URLs look like?


Hi Chris,

Thanks so much for responding. Safari on a Mac. (I think I put that in my post, but maybe I'm wrong.)

You asked what the URLs looked like. Dunno if you actually meant that, or what the pages look like, but I'm guessing you were asking for URLs.

The export orders page along the lines of:


The login page is along the lines of:


Hope that helps you help me! :slight_smile: And thanks again for responding. I was actually hoping that there would be some WordPress users who had tackled this and had an easy solution.

Whups... You did, and I missed it entirely.

Can you use the FrontBrowserURL Token in an IF/THEN with a text condition?

Oh my; I never even saw that thang! If you wouldn't mind, could you please post/send/whatever a very simple example of how one might use that thing? If not, I will scratch my already-very-bald head, but a wee bit of direction would sure be appreciated.

Thanks, Chris!

How about something like this?

Safari ⇢ Condition Based on Active Tab URL v1.00.kmmacros (8.5 KB)
Keyboard Maestro Export

Whoah! Thanks so much, Chris. I'm gonna have to look at that more in the morning. It's a bit above my pay grade, at least for tonight. But thanks so much.


Hey Chris, thanks again! This is an area of KM that I wasn't aware of. I'm going to do some more reading about all this biz of tokens. Thanks for bringing its existence to my attention. And I'm going to try to incorporate your example into my macro now.


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Hey, it worked! And I learned something new in the process. Thanks again, Chris!

I have another question, but I think forum etiquette dictates that I make a separate post for it.

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