Workaround for Annoying Tooltip Issue

I’ve got a group of macros that I use for switching between and hiding applications. Each is configured like:

Hotkey Trigger: ⌘⌥⌃⇧ + C
Activate: Activate MailMate
[x] All windows [ ] Reopen initial windows
If already at the front: hide the application

If I happen to be hovering an application UI element (Reply, Reload, etc.) that produces a tooltip then trigger the macro to either hide the current app or switch to another, the tooltip will be frozen on screen when I come back to it. The tooltip floats on its initial position. The only way to dismiss it is to either quit the app or hover over another element to produce another tool tip and let that dismiss normally.

I’ve tried to reproduce this using OSX features like switching applications using ⌘ + Tab and hiding the application with ⌘+H but it only happens with KM.

Peter says there’s nothing to be done at the moment, so I’m wondering if anyone can think of a way to reproduce the functionality I described but through some other means. I tried to call MailMate > Hide MailMate if the app is at front, but this is superseded by the If already at the front: xxx option on the Activate a Specific Application action.

Hey Tom,

Try this AppleScript:

tell application "System Events"
   tell application process "TextEdit"
      if not visible then
         set frontmost to true
         set visible to false
      end if
   end tell
end tell

Run from an Execute an AppleScript action…

Change the app-name as needed.

See if you still have the same problem.

Another possible work-around is to change the tooltip delay:


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Hi Chris,

The AppleScript actually replicates the problem, so that’s out.

This MacWorld Article is fantastic! I reset the tooltip delay to a much longer period in the app in question. I don’t need them anyway. Thanks a million!