Working Scratch Pad

I have a question that I am not really sure how to ask. So I will give it my best shot. I am wondering if someone has an idea how I can use KM to create a quick text editing page that I can use for making text entrys in a field.

To clarify, I am using BusyCal for all my tasks and for all my appointments. I am realizing that it helps when I do something like, send a return to Amazon, that I put into a BusyCal note that I have done some things, include any emails or attachments, use Typinator to make a time stamp, and pretty much keep the notes field in BusyCal as a journal of the event.

BusyCal allows a custom view in a list mode. It is far easier to read my notes in list view than in the really small little lines of text at the bottom of a calendar event dialog box. Unfortunately, you can’t start typing text in the BusyCal Notes field in list view. That is, you can, but the minute you hit the return key it will kick you out of it. So it really is not a very effective way to add notes.

What I am wondering out loud here is, if there is any way to edit a text field on the fly using KM? I suppose I am asking if there is some way of creating a palette to do this, or if there is a different (better) way than I already do it. One thing I absolutely love about using KM is how it allows me to solve a problem or to just make it easier to do a series of things that I can already do step by step.

For example, I love hearing what I have written read back to me. It is a very important part of my writing process - even for this forum comment. Most apps can speak highlighted texts, but some cannot. This browser window, cannot do this with what I am writing now. So I use a standard KM macro to copy selected text to the clipboard and read the clipboard at a fixed volume level.

With writing though, I copy some text (in this case in the notes field in BusyCal - which I am updating so I need to copy what is already there and put in more information above that line), I open Pages or some other text editing document, I open a new page, I paste in my data, I put in a time stamp, write and edit, then I copy and paste it back in the notes field in BusyCal.

I can probably keep a document in the wings labeled Scratch Pad and just put that in a KM macro and automate with a keystroke the copying of the notes field, the opening of the Scratch Pad, and the pasting of the data. Maybe that is the easiest way to go. I want to create as seamless as possible a solution so that my mind stays on the task. The more I do that, the more I am likely to remember how important it is to do this, the next time something occurs that should have been entered into BusyCal notes.

I ask this here in case there is a simpler solution that I have missed? I was just wondering if there was any way to highlight text and have it quickly open to some simple text editing environment, so that BusyCal notes would be a little easier to use? I haven’t used TextEdit in a long while. This may be the way to go. Thoughts? Thanks.

Hi @levelbest,

There may be a way to create something like this all in KM with a custom HTML prompt, but a solution that makes it easy to edit text from any app in a text editor of your choice has been around for a while. I recommend starting here: QuickCursor replacement
Hopefully the macro posted there, or one of the others found in the posts it links to, will get the job done for you, but if not, feel free to report back.

Thanks. I was wondering about KM doing all of it in some kind of text popup or text dialog you could edit in. I built a macro that pretty well solved the problem from the cut and paste side, using TexEdit. TexEdit opens with default small text, so the macro simulates a keystroke to select all text and then to make the text larger (option-plus several times). Then it hits a left arrow to deselect and leave the cursor top left, return return, up arrow, up arrow, and finally, type in what Typinator will see as a date and time expansion.

I do not worry about finishing the writing block and sending it back to the target field. This is already very useful to give me a good writing environment which BusyCal Notes does not provide. When I am satisfied with my writing it is very easy to select all and copy. I am writing this using the same macro and, so far, so good.