Working with "Screen contains"

I have used "Pause until screen contains" and "Click on image" actions today for the first time. Awesome! That'll probably slash my monthly bookkeeping efforts by at least half!!! :slight_smile:

But I find those images a little difficult to work with, as they are very small.

I have added the image by taking a screenshot and then pasting it into the image field...

When changing the macro later, it will be difficult to follow though. Am I missing something?



Select the image in the image well* and press {spacebar} to view it (using, I assume, the built-in OS Quick View).

*I just made up a name for the representation of the image container in the Action. I don’t know what it is properly called.

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Thanks Kirby! That helped a lot :slight_smile:

Pasting an image from the clipboard is the only way to work with this feature, right?

@peternlewis Then I have a feature request: allow to search for images from the hard drive instead of only those, that are stored within KM. That way it would be possible to parametrize a macro and thus the images we are searching for.


It has been asked before, but I can't imagine any UI that wouldn't be a nightmare to try to shoehorn in there to allow a file selector as an alternative to the image well.

Okay, I see

Thinking out loud about getting this going via apple script… The only way to edit actions is by changing their xml definition. And I would have to change the (base64 encoded?) image data in the xml of the action…

Is that the way to go?


Yes, something like that would be required.