Would it be possible to make 'go to group' spotlight-like hotkey?

I really do like km and I love the ease with which you can add new macros. One thing that I really hate is that I have to use my mouse very often to pick the group where I want to create my macro. I really wish there was a hotkey that I could use that would open something like this :

But instead of action, it would lead me to a group that I want to go into.

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Yes. In the next day or two, I’ll be posting some macros for things just like this, and if I forget to make one specifically for groups, just let me know.

Keep your eyes open for some new “Spotlight” macros. Hopefully I’ll post them in the next 24 hours (famous last words).

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Hey Nikita,

See this post:

Go-To the Group Specified in the Choose-From Dialog

Dan’s will be fancier, but this works.