Would it make sense to omit the word "Comment" and the single quotes from the initial name of a Comment Action?

The name of a new Comment Action with title “A Title” is "Comment ‘A Title’. The word “Comment” and the single quotes don’t really add any information, as the exclamation point symbol should be sufficient to indicate a comment. (Although someone could, if they wanted to, change the icon of a comment.) In addition, the wording of the name without “Comment” should usually be sufficient to make it pretty clear that the action is a comment. Finally, one could always add “Comment” to the beginning of the action’s title manually.

Although I often rename actions, it just occurred to me that the name of my comments didn’t have to be their title, although it normally should be. So I have been removing the word “Comment” and the single quotes from my Comment actions as I go through groups cleaning up or adding macros.

Actually, as I experiment with a macro that removes “Comment” and the quotes from the names of my macros I am finding that I am ending up with the name of the comment duplicating its title. I am not sure when I would want them to be different.

I agree, but I also think this is a low priority change request for Keyboard Maestro.

I make use of @DanThomas' great KMFAM system to have a Comment Action preconfigured as I like it. I set the Action name, and leave the Action Title blank, in most cases.

I use this Macro routinely to change the Name of an Action: