Writing EXIF data into Photos

I found this great article about READING EXIF data from photos:


But, i would like to WRITE EXIF data to photos for copyright and SEO purposes. I know how to do it using the eXif.er but why shouldn't i be able to enter/change/write EXIF data automatically? The data set is large and i have maybe a dozen changes and 2-3 are situational... could that be a problem?

It would be amazing if with a touch of a button, i could insert data into a photo via EXIF.


The forum article you linked to gives what I think is the best answer: exiftool. It’s a complex command with an enormous number of options, so it will appear daunting when you first approach it, but you don’t have to learn everything about exiftool to be able to use it. In particular, you can overwrite existing EXIF tags (that’s what the forum article was about) and add new ones.

As for using exiftool to add copyright info, see this article.

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exiftool is indeed great, but lately almost all of my use of it has been replaced with Retrobatch from Flying Meat. https://flyingmeat.com/retrobatch/

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