Wrong insertion of apostrophe via type clipboard content

I have this simple macro to insert the clipboard's content via emulated typing:

I'm using this keyboard layout, that offers dead keys for accented characters. The apostrophe is one of these dead keys:

The apostrophe is placed before the I instead of after it:

Hey Hans,

You haven't provided a testable macro, nor have you described the workflow in how it is used.

Please review your post and add in the missing pieces, so we can help you.


Hello Chris,

Please find the macro attached.

Test string: Maybe I'm wrong here, but we'll see soon.

Copy it to the clipboard and use the macro to insert it in (an input box in) Safari. Make sure that the US International PC keyboard layout is active.

I get this result: Maybe 'mI wrong h'llere, but we see soon.

A timing problem?

Thanks in advance!



Type clipboard content.kmmacros (1.8 KB)

Hi Hans,

I can confirm this strange result when using the US International PC keyboard layout, but I can also confirm that using the standard US one works fine. If there's no pressing reason you need to use US International PC, I'd suggest simply using the standard US one instead, but if you do need to use US International for some reason, the Set Action Delay action set up like this before the clipboard insertion action appears to resolve the issue on my system with minimal (though still noticeable) slowdown (in other words, it's most likely a timing issue as you suspected, though why it only presents itself with this keyboard layout and not the standard US one is beyond me):


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Hey Hans,

I too can confirm the problem.

Gabe's solution worked for me too, but I had to make the delay 0.02 on my system.

A possible alternative is to create your own keyboard layout.