X-key and big sur


Does anyone have an issue where the X-keys X-24 is not recognized in Big Sur? Mine used to be my go-to device for triggering macros with Keyboard Maestro prior to upgrading tp Big Sur.

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Thanks, I looked at it and it appears that its an issue with Big Sur and Apple.

I contacted Pi Engineering and received this:

When Mac wrote Big Sur, they decided to change up the way the OS sees USB devices which kind of left the programmable keyboard game reeling. You'll have to utilize a workaround to get it to work with KM on Big Sur.

In essence, by converting the buttons on an XKeys unit to be recognized by the Mac as 'game buttons', up to 32 buttons may be recognized and used by Keyboard Maestro.
You'll still need a Windows machine and our free MacroWorks 3.1 software (https://xkeys.com/software/softwarewindows/softwaremacroworks.html) for this process.
1.Plug the unit into the Windows Machine and open up MacroWorks 3.1. It may be necessary once it is open to use the system tray (the little upwards facing arrow in the lower right-hand portion of the screen, bring up the menu and click the MW3.1 icon) to bring up the GUI.
2.Once your machine is recognized, use the Tools > Advanced > Endpoints/PID Changer.
3.From the dropdown menu, select PID 1XXX, which should read '1XXX | Keyboard | Joystick | Mouse'.
4.Press OK. The device will be converted to being able to be seen by Keyboard Maestro.

Alternatively, you can download the Windows emulator Parallels and run X-Keys Basic on it. Parallels offers a free trial of 14 days that is more than enough time to convert the endpoint. Load up Parallels, download Basic, hook up the XKeys and then in Basic, Tools > Endpoint Changer. Find something with Game Controller in it and select that. Save to the device and then close out parallels and it should be good to be programmed again.

Thanks for the info Thom.
I am a Mac user on Big Sur and although I have an X-Keys XK16 strip that has continued to be recognised by Keyboad Maestro and works well, I cannot for the life of me get Keyboard Maestro to recognise the X-keys XK-60 KVM Keypad.
I have had it working in the past but not since the upgrade to Big Sur.

The computer recognises it as can be seen in the USB Devices tree.

I have downloaded Parallels and both X-Keys Basic as described above but this failed to allow KM to recognise the device.
I then downloaded MacroWorks on the the Windows 10 system in Parallels and followed instructions above. Again - nothing.

I'm very disappointed to now have a 60 key device that is useless on MacOS.

Hi @JHP13 , I have done this with an XK-24, at first, Keyboard Maestro did not recognize it as USB Device Key Trigger, but then I had to assign the keys a Game Button.

Now it is recognized in Keyboard Maestro.

But you cannot assign more than 32 keys, so it will work only until XK-24 if you want a different function for every single key. For XK-60, you have to convert it to Hardware Mode, then each of the keys needs a keyboard shortcut like Alt-Shift-Cmd-F1, which can then be used in Keyboard Maestro as keyboard shortcut triggers. Hope that helps.