X keys how to get started?

I am new to X keys on mac and have a little knowledge of keyboards maestro. I have searched for a beginners guide/getting started on both sites, and generally everywhere without much luck. I am using Mac Big Sur and struggling even to get the x keys (16 ) recognised. It is a USB not KVM.
Please can anyone point me in th right direction to get started. I think I could handle the macro writing if I could get started with getting the Xkeys 16 identified in hardware and KM.

Hi @nickp - welcome to the KM forum.

You should read this TIP: Resolving Big Sur Accessibility, Security, and Other Issues as it specifically mentions XKey devices and Big Sur. It's not good news I'm afraid. :frowning_face:

Thanks, have replied to that post as the device is recognised by Big Sur as a USB device.