X-Keys Pedal - Help Anyone?

I'm new to keyboard maestro. I have a USB x-keys pedal from P.I. Engineering which is supposed to act like a mouse. I watched the tutorials but still can't figure out how to build a macro to make it work. The pedal consists of 3 different areas: Left (clicking), center (scrolling) and Right (clicking). P.I. Engineering told me that keyboard maestro will treat the pedal as a USB Trigger Device. Can anybody there help me set it up? Thanks!

Start by creating a Macro with a "USB Device Key Trigger" and press the button that you want to assign to the Macro



Thanks rkaplan for your suggestion
I did that. Now I just want that pedal button to click like a mouse (for instance, to select a folder when I move the arrow over it and press the pedal button - so that I don't have to click the actual mouse, but just the pedal button). I tried adding the action "Move or Click Mouse", but it seems to me that it ends up clicking AND moving the mouse, which is not what I want. (Please see the attached image).

Sorry, I just figured out. I set up "click at 0 relative to the current mouse position" and it worked!!!
Thanks for your help!

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2 years later : Almost same pedal model from P.i. Engineering not detected on iMac M1. Hope it will be solved. Looking through KM, it there a way to program the trigger to simulate «Hold button down» on the mouse, and release when we.. release. Didn't understand the parameters if they could do it. I just see a mouse click.