Xencelabs QuickKeys - how to use with KM - newbie help please

I have just been given a Xencelabs Quick Keys that I want to use with the wonderful Keyboard Maestro. But I am still a newbie ...
Single Key Trigger: I am able to trigger a single KM Macro by pressing a single 'Quick Keys' key to send an individual 'This string is typed' text string which is then recognised by KM.
Multiple Keys/Triggers: How do I get one KM macro to decide which key has been pressed and act accordingly? (I suspect there is some sort of variable that I can read.... but no idea what/how?)
Apologies if I am not explaining things properly...
(If at all possible, a simple sample example would be greatly appreciated)

That is not a device I've heard about before.

Keyboard Maestro might be able to detect the keys using the USB Device Key trigger. If so, then you can just use that as a normal trigger and ignore their software.

Otherwise, presuming you can program the keys on the device to simulate specific keys then you can have the device simulate an unusual keystroke like Command-Control-Shift-P (which is a hard set of modifiers to type), and then use that as a Hot Key trigger.

@peternlewis in case it helps you I have one.

I've only used hot key triggers so far. Happy to experiment - if that gives you useful intelligence.

I also think @rosemaryorchard has one - but I obviously don't speak for her. (I think she mentioned it once - which got me buying one as a more portable version of a Stream Deck.)

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A bit more of a description:

The device consists of a set of keys with a display used to label the keys. (I don't think you can do anything else with the display.) The keys are programmable via the manufacturer's app.

There is also a dial - which is again programmable. This might be the thing that's difficult for integration with Keyboard Maestro. After all, how do you fire off multiple "turned clockwise" events via HID?

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Hi Peter (and Martin)
Thanks as always for your prompt reply.
(The Xencelab Quick Keys Unit is very similar although its software does not seem to be as advanced as the Streamdeck )
As mentioned in my initial email, I am able to interface Keyboard Maestro and the Xencelabs Quick Keys, using the 'This string is typed' text string trigger. No problem...

My question is, how can i send multiple different key presses to the same Keyboard Maestro macro and detect which button has been pressed? (Is there some sort of 'parameter' or 'variable' facility so I can tell which button has been pressed and act accordingly?)



I don't understand the question.

Does the Xencelabs Quick Keys not send different strings for different keys?

I would use the Hot Key trigger rather than the Typed String trigger if at all possible.

The macro knows the string that was typed (it is available in the TriggerValue token).

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  1. Thanks v much - you have answered my query - I wasn't aware that there was a TriggerValue token.
    All is now well.
  2. Should I delete the thread (or can you) as it is somewhat useless for subsequent viewers.
  3. (Apologies for long delay in reply - I have been unwell)
    Thanks as always

Please don't, it is almost never useless to have questions and answers documented. Others may learn from this, perhaps other Xencelabs users or others may learn about the TriggerValue token or whatever.

No problem at all, and no need to apologise - I hope you are feeling better now or soon.

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+1 on "don't delete". Not least because those of us who have the device might become aware of each other. In particular @peternlewis now knows of at least one tester for the device (me).

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thanks Peter (and Martin)

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