Yes another question about the Set Next Engine Window action

Howdy folks, I have what is likely a simple question for those of you using KM10.

Is there a way to use the Set Next Engine Window action to center the window in the front screen? As it works for me it just centers it on whatever screen it was on before... which may or may not be my current front screen.

I clicked the Help option from the dropdown gear icon but it took me a to a page that said the topic didn't exist yet.

I have an old subroutine that uses a combination of the front window's token and AppleScript to center the prompt on the front screen but I'd rather not use that if I don't have to.

Any help is appreciated.


Hi @cdthomer, are your two screens arranged as one big work area? If so you should be able to use "Center at" to centre on a specific screen.

Hey @Zabobon my external monitor is set to be an extended display.

It seems like what you mentioned in this thread is the answer to my question here!

Hi @cdthomer - actually my current favourite implementation of this is:

This seems to give the most consistent results. And the math can be tweaked if you want the prompt a bit higher on the main screen:

Sorry - I don't know why I didn't just post this version first :rofl:

If you're anything like me you probably forgot you had posted that elsewhere :laughing:

Thanks for the ideas! I'll play around with them over the next few days.