Yet another password automation question/issue

Ive looked though at least ~10 topics and havent seen the question question nor the answer to this:

Trying to automate the password entry into the Remote Desktop instance of a windows machine at the screen saver. I have a trivial macro that performs keyboard text entry of the pw and the windows machine echos back characters which, of course, are hidden. But I know the string is correct because ive run the macro elsewhere. In any case, the windows box acts as if the pw is typed incorrectly. If I type the string manually, I get a successful login.

Maybe im overthinking the problem but Im guessing at this point Windows guesses the pw entry is done by automate bc, I suspect, there are not random pauses between characters. Or maybe some other way. Has anyone seen this?

In my experience, Keyboard Maestro typing in to Remote Desktops/Screen Sharing/VMs/etc seems to not get the shift key through - I have no idea, I wish I did.

So my guess would be that is why the password is failing. You could try adjusting your password to one that is long, but only has lowercase letters and digits and see if that works.

Might be that MacOS can prevent apps from listening into keyboard in pw fields. I’m don’t know why but heard that that somehow impacts sending the shift event.
I used karabiner and got something to work

Hi, @aberezin. You might want to give this macro a try: Paste Into Restricted Field

Thanks, ill give it a try.