Yosemite doesn't allow Paste in dialog box

Since upgrading to Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite one of my KM macros has been affected. I have written a macro to create a PDF from a Filemaker document.

The problem is that Cmd-V shortcut for Paste no longer works in the Yosemite dialog save box :pensive: so my macro no longer works. What’s slightly annoying is that the Paste command is still available by control clicking on the highlighted filename and then choosing Paste from the dropdown list.

I have tweaked it so that the last few steps of the command are replaced with a series of mouse clicks to Control Click in the highlighted field and Down Arrow clicks to then choose Paste from dropdown list.

Is there a way of altering my macro so that it either control clicks in the active panel or maybe get it to type in the text that is held on the clipboard?

Have you tried pasting by typing? This usually works for me where Cmd-V fails.

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Yes of course, why didn't I think of that?
That worked, thanks Chris.

Do you know, it did actually cross my mind to try but I wasn't sure if KM could handle that command because of the highlighted text, how wrong was I to doubt it. It's not called Maestro for nothing!

I did actually get it working last night, but with your suggestion I have just removed about 8 steps from the macro. Here is the finished macro...

I actually like to put the pauses in so I can marvel in my creation and watch the action running through all the steps, plus it allows for the system to catch up if it is offering up confirmation dialog boxes. I get quite a kick out of it as I'm sure many KM users do when you craft a perfectly working macro.

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I’m glad it worked for you.
I had a similar need to make PDFs from text edit documents and my first approach was very similar to yours but I had spotty results using mouseclicks at designated screen positions so I went with the applescript approach I describe here TextEdit macros to Toggle Zoom Font, Open PDF in Preview It serves up a preview rather than a saved document but that is easily changed of course.

It doesn’t give you a KM movie of the steps however…