Zoom Meeting App and KM workflows

Hi Friends,
A cursory search of the forum didn't yield results, so I thought I'd ask a few questions related to how folks have been integrating KM into our Zoom world. I'm especially interested in workarounds that allow me to work with break-out rooms using keyboard shortcuts. (Zoom has a number of pre-installed shortcuts for chats, mute/unmute, recording, etc., but it's a pathetically short list. I haven't had much luck with using the KM feature that allows you to snap a picture of a button, so if that's my best option I might need some advice on that too.

More broadly, I'd love to know what clever workflows folks have come up with to make the Zoom experience easier when many of us are stuck at home and yep, doing a lot of Zooming.

Thanks much!

Interesting. Don't have any macros for Zoom.
But now that you mention, could have one to resize windows

For what action?

I’ve zeroed in on the break room feature. There’s a button at the bottom of the screen to open them, then within that window are “assign to” buttons. Basically, it would be a dream if I could do this whole process with the keyboard, and maybe even come up with some automation while I’m at it. :slight_smile:

The click Room button is definitely doable.
I'd create a macro using, say Ctrl-Opt-Right arrow to find the image.
As for the Rooms, are you using many rooms? I saw that the buttons are the same, but there can be workarounds

Zoom audio question:

Because I share my Airpods between my Mac / iPhone / iPad, I have found that automatic switching is best OFF since there is a tendency for the Airpods to randomly jump from one hardware to another. This means that when I would like to listen to audio on a specific hardware, I have to open up the Bluetooth systems preferences for each hardware and Connect the Airpods.

Help: Ideally I would like to setup a KBM routine where upon opening the Zoom application, that action triggers the connection to the Airpods within the hardware that opens Zoom. Upon closing Zoom the Airpods would disconnect from bluetooth, or better, would trigger a window asking if I would like to keep the Airpods connected or not.

The Trigger for Zoom upon launching is easy, but I have no idea of how to achieve the connection to Bluetooth for the Airpods. Perhaps a Shell Script? ( I happen to have one that turns wifi on and off when I place the Mac to sleep but I don't know where that came from).

Would appreciate any suggestions.

This does not address the OPs request but I use three. One to select speaker view (cmd-s), one to select gallery view (cmd-g). The third one (cmd-p) pins the person in gallery view that is under the cursor displaying them full screen. Pressing cmd-p when a person is already pinned will revert back to gallery view.