Zoom Meeting Macro

Zoom Meeting Macro

This is my first attempt at posting a macro I created. It opens a list with Zoom Meeting Rooms and when you double click a meeting room it opens in Zoom. Replace the with your number and the with password if needed.

Prompt With List.kmactions (880 B)

Keyboard Maestro Export

Keyboard Maestro Export


Hi @davenelson
This looks good - but just to mention that you uploaded an Action rather than a Macro. The difference is that when I downloaded your linked file and double-clicked it, a single Action was added to the Macro I was currently editing.

To upload your Macro as a self-contained complete Macro you need to select it and export it like this:


Then the exported file will have the .kmmacros extension rather than the .kmactions extension and will be the whole Macro rather than an Action.


Thanks to the UPLOAD KM Macro to New or Existing Topic by JMichaelTX for the quick and easy macro to post macros.


Dave, i have downloaded your script and tested it. Then i found myself in the room with Howard WB2UZE. I am also a ham radio amateur, UT3UMM , so we had a fun conversation) But maybe better to delete actual room numbers and room passwords from your script.


Yes, I messed it up again. I'll get it right this time.

Zoom Meetings Demo Macro (v9.2)

Zoom Meetings Demo.kmmacros (2.2 KB)

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