1Password and Safari, KM's 1Password Bookmark Action Not Working

I am looking for a KM macro -- as I cannot figure it out -- that can be used with a KM macro to open a specific webpage which will leverage / use the fact that:

⠀⠀ a) 1Password is already opened
⠀⠀ b) 1Password has the login credentials.

I am looking for this approach as it is more secure that storing the logon credentials within the KM macro and will not require me to securely stored the credentials somewhere else for a second time; such as macOS keychain.

Thank you!

Fortunately, KM already has a built-in action for this: action:Open 1Password Bookmark [Keyboard Maestro Wiki]

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I thank you for pointing this out to me, I completely missed it!

That said, I do have a problem. I added it to my macro but I cannot change the Open 1Pasword Bookmark to specify the forum. Any ideas?


For me, the fastest way to log in to websites with 1Password is to call up the corresponding login in 1Password Mini.


So you mean you can't pull up this dropdown?

Two questions. First, are you using 1Password 7, or the 1Password 8 beta? Second, if you're using 7, do you have this setting turned on in 1Password's Advances preferences?

I am using 1Password 8 beta.

Try to tell people such things at the outset – particularly if different from the norm.


Apologies, my bad!

Is that why I cannot get the action to work?

Could be. I'm using 1Password 7.9.1 on Mojave, so I can't test.

But this sort of information is often vital to sussing out problems.

Lesson learned! Wont happen again, thank you!

Yes, it is. The 1Password 8 betas removed (or, more accurately, don't yet include) the third party integration that lets KM and other apps like Alfred access its bookmarks natively. While it's apparently coming soon, hopefully before its public release, we unfortunately can't use this KM action in the meantime.

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Appreciate the response and good to know, thank you!

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Hey Joel,

No worries.

Just keep in mind that any “unusual” variation may affect solving a problem.

It's always a good idea to provide the following if possible:

  • Version of macOS
  • Version of Keyboard Maestro
    • Especially if different than the current.
      • Keeping in mind that a year from now the current version will be different, and people may be reading and using your old posts.
  • The name of the app you're working in if relevant.
    • A link to it if it's not commonplace.
  • Post a simple as possible “working” test-case macro, and an image of same (when relevant).

When posting macros to the Keyboard Maestro forum please use these guidelines:

  1. Always post a Macro File.
  2. Always post an image.

This means people won't have to reinvent the wheel to test your macro, and that significantly improves the likelihood that someone will help you.

Folks generally won't download something they haven't eyeballed first, so an image of the macro is crucial.

Keep in mind that the easier you make it for people to help you the more likely you'll get timely and useful assistance.

If you haven't seen these they're worth a moment of your time:

How to Post Your Macro to the Forum

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Take Care,

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@ccstone, I will follow the above to the letter!

Thank you for sharing!

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Some good news: It looks like there's a workaround to open specific websites and have 1Password 8 fill in the credentials with KM after all. Apparently, when you open and fill a bookmark in 1Password, it opens the website's URL with the login information (securely) embedded in the URL itself. We can then copy this URL and use it in a KM Open a URL action. For example, if I open and fill my 1Password entry for this forum, a new tab is opened with a URL that looks a lot like this (not the actual URL for security purposes, but close enough for a demonstration):


You can then copy that URL from the address bar and paste it into an Open URL action:

and it should function the same as the Open 1Password Bookmark action.

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@gglick , I want to make sure I understand. Are you saying that the URL contains the login credentials as well? And, if not, then I don’t understand the benefit.

Thank your.

No, the URLs don't contain the login credentials at all. If you look at the example URL I showed for this forum, my username was nowhere to be seen, and I can assure you my password isn't in there either. I don't profess to know how it works, but somehow these URLs work to both open the site and have 1Password fill in your credentials the same way 1Password already works. Unless I'm misunderstanding your use case, I believe this is what you want. I suggest giving it a try, perhaps with a more innocuous/mission non-critical website at first, and see for yourself how it works.

@gglick appreciate that.

Do what you are saying, open 1Password, find the bookmark for the website you want, press open and fill, boot the URL (I have no idea how to do that but let’s say someone helps with that) and then past that URL into Safari and it will open the website.

If that is correct then:

  1. I understand why this works. In 1Password, the Paste and Fill does just what u you say, it open the URL in Safari and fills in the credentials.

  2. How does one do the first party, copy the Paste and Fill URL from 1Password?


Apologies if I wasn't clear. The steps to get a credential-filling URL from 1Password are:

  1. Open and fill a bookmark from 1Password (full, mini, quick access, doesn't matter)

  2. Wait for the bookmark to be opened in Safari

  3. Copy the URL from the newly opened Safari tab

  4. Paste the URL into a KM Open URL action

Once you've done that, you'll have a KM action that will do the same thing as opening and filling a bookmark from 1Password. No need to paste any URLs into Safari; all you'll need to do is copy the URL 1Password used from Safari once, to use in the KM action.

@gglick, I think you for the explanation that said, a few things:

  1. I understand your steps perfectly but how does one copy the URL from the newly opened Safari tab as I do not see such an action included in KM?

  2. I cannot test this approach as the OPEN 1PASSWORD BOOKMARK action does not work with 1Password 8 which is what I am running as you noted in your earlier posting in this thread. Perhaps someone else can do the testing?

  3. And to be crystal clear there may also be a website to website issue. I did exactly what you said manually and the copied 1Password URL into a new / second Safari tab and it a) DID NOT enter the login credentials for the Josh website and b) DID enter teh credentials for an banking website.

On the Josh website I had to move the curser to the username field for the credentials to be automatically entered.

  1. And one other thing with a little more thought; AND THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. Why would I need to copy the 1Password Open and Fill URL in the first Safari tab and copy it to a second Safari tab? Would it not be the case that the first Safari tab would do what I need / want and this the problem is therefore back down to waiting for 1Password 8 to be updated so that the OPEN 1PASSWORD BOOKMARK action works? What am I missing?