A Collective Autocorrection Effort Needed

I may be pushing my luck too far not knowing the limitations of the KM, but I indulge my novice inquisitive nature to press on one common need: There are just too many of those commonly misspelled words and contractions to forever look for and make macros one after another. "Don't" for "don't", "the" for "the" ad infinitum, or abbreviations "tt" for "that" and "wn" for "when" and so on. Wouldn't it be possible to have a [hopefully editable] listing to put these curios in one place so KM can fork into and make corrections as we type? Such lists are aplenty on the internet and Word already has a decent one, but how can KM embrace them?

I am a huge KM fan and power user, but for this use case I prefer Typinator.
It comes with a huge pre-defined set of auto corrections like the ones you mentioned.

There was recently some steep discounts for Typinator, so you might do some searching to find them.

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Emphatically agreed!

As much as I love Keyboard Maestro it is not made to manage many hundreds of text-expansion macros.

It can, but it doesn't do the job nearly so well as a dedicated utility – and bringing the two together creates synergy.

A case for Typinator.


Chris, I have found more than the synergy off two apps: I have found a bunch of fine individuals who go beyond their comfort to help a stranger, which speaks for the priceless find. I'll use both apps and trust you and others when things get too needy! Thanks, Chris.

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