Absurdly Simple 1Password Solution

I use 1Password heavily and as am fond of its ability to create autofill bookmarks as I am annoyed by Safari's insistence on asking if it's ok to open them.


In my case, the answer is never "Cancel," and the solution to "stop asking me that!" is so simple I'm embarrassed to admit I snarled "Allow! curséd Safari!" for a year before putting a stop to it.

All it takes is one little AppleScript in Safari's scope.

Allow 1Password.kmmacros (2.8 KB)



Just curious…

When do you see this kind of pop-up? I'm a 1Password user as well but don't remember this one.

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When an autofill bookmark created by 1Password is chosen in macOS Safari, macOS requires Safari to explicitly get permission to talk to 1Password.

macOS security has gotten very tight in recent years, and while I approve of that in practice, Safari really ought to have a preference to whitelist such transactions.

I haven't tested this in other browsers.

Hi @commiepinko I was always bothered that the 1Password no autofill login for Mac apps, as on iOS, get.

Thanks to Keyboard Maestro, this is no longer a problem for me :wink:

Here are two examples:

Here is my Authy Autofill login, which is started when I open the app:

02)Authy Desktop <D790 211116T233052>.kmmacros (114,2 KB)

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I'm getting a similar pop-up when I try to fill in the credit card information. My system is in another language so I changed the word "Allow" in AppleScript. It works, but not when the Safari window is active. I have to switch to a different app, then back to Safari and then it clicks.

Thanks! Now I'm sad not so many apps installed on my system use master password :smiley:

@commiepinko, I have found this thread from Dan. Do you think something like Authy AutoFill could work with mounting encrypted Time Machine drive?

Have a great day guys!

@roskozmos with Authy it will not work.
However with 1Password. If you don't use 1Password, you can create something similar with the keychain management.

The tutorial is in german, but you will be able to follow the steps/functionality:

Another possibility would be to insert the password directly when you connect your external hard drive.



I use 1Password. Now, thanks to your macro 1Password can unlock the Authy app in seconds. I can imagine this macro could be easily modified for other apps by changing the application name as a trigger. But what about a pop-up asking for a password to access an encrypted external drive?

(sorry, it's in slovak)

How do you trigger that?

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@roskozmos this macro should solve your problem.

Please replace @iMac with the name of your password. I have disabled the pushover notification action.

The first shortcut in the macro opens the 1Password Mini window.


(sorry it`s in German :wink:)

You still have to adjust the screenshots in the macro. If you have any questions, please contact me.

07)Updates:DMG:Sync.kmmacros (114,5 KB)