Activating the "Clipboard History Switcher" has a 2-3 second delay..?


Hi all

it seems like on my machine (new 2018 MBP) bringing up the "Clipboard History Switcher" has a very annoying 2-3 second delay. is that a known issue or a specific issue/bug here?




Hey Z,

This means you have a lot of stuff in it.

Empty it out and see how much faster it is.



thx so much Chris for the reply

i dont have that many items since ive only been using KM a few days now.
If i clear the items each time dosent that defeat the purpose of the clipboard history :smiley:
Also: same long clip history in Alfred comes up instantaneous.
Would love to try and debug this




Do you have copied some data from Excel?
This has slowed down my clipboard switcher a lot.


Hey Z,

How many items? They can add up quicker than you think, and sometimes items can be much more massive than you realize.



It is a known issue, that I reported some time ago:

And in another thread where I reported this issue, I said:

In my several years of very actively using KM, I have never experienced this issue until now. And I have always actively used the Switcher.

The same is true using the LaunchBar Clipboard History -- it is very fast.

@peternlewis, I know you like to blame MS Office on this KM issue, but the other app Clipboard Histories don't seem to have this issue. Please re-examine the method/code you are using to see if you can make it quicker. While I don't have any access to the KM code, it would seem to me that if you just load only the few History items displayed (5 or 6), then it should be much faster.



I can also add that it seems like images are a big contributors of the clipboard getting slower and slower..any option to not store images past X days..?