Add a translucent dark screen while executing a Macro

I have some macros that pop up and move windows around to set them in specific positions, and they can take a few seconds to complete.
Right after invoking the macro I'm often tempted to click on something on my screen, but that would break the macro that needs my hands off the mouse and keyboard to work.
I'd like a clear visual clue that tells me "Hands off! Wait!" and I thought of adding some sort of translucent screen, something that would "dim down" everything until the macro has finished. I'd really like something similar to what this HazeOver app does, but for all the windows (HazeOver always leave a window not "dimmed down")
Is that possible someway? (I tried with Brightness actions but I think those don't work with external displays because nothing happens)


this works well for me:

MACRO: Wait Indicator

Wow! Very clever! Thanks!


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