Adding Chrome Tabs to Evernote

Hello, I am just starting w/ KM and trying to create a Macro that will allow me to automatically capture open Chrome Tabs into Evernote.

I have the Evernote web clipper installed on my Chrome (on Mac). The hotkeys for Evernote web clipper are ` to open the web clipper and Return to capture. (I have the web clipper settings set to capture full pages and put them in the correct notebook.)

I created this simple Macro but when I run it, all that happens is the first action, to go to the second Chrome tab. (I don't want to ever capture my first Chrome tab.)

What I thought I had set up: open Chrome tab #2, activate Web Clipper, scroll down to load all the page, pause for three seconds to ensure the web clipper is opened fully, and then capture the page. The final action is intended to move to the next tab. (I would like to do this for all the tabs in the browser).

  1. Do you know why the Macro never progresses to its second action?
  2. How can I set it up to run until the end of the tabs (of indeterminate number)?

p.s., I see there is a Macro designed to do this but it looks to complicated for me. Trigger Evernote Web Clipper [Example]