Adobe Render Notification

Hi there! Question! :slight_smile:

I was wondering if there was a way to create a notification based on RGB code on a pixel location, later in time when I still am using my device.

When I'm rendering in Adobe After effects, sometimes it can take a couple of hours. Because I use different set-ups and sometimes multiple monitors, I was wondering, maybe I can set a point on my screen, when the render-bar is on that specific pixel (the end of the render, filled up with a blue color), I will get a notification with something like IFTTT on my phone if I'm away.

I didn't find a solution to grab my current mouse location and store it somewhere so I can use that coordinate later in the 'If RGB pixel' action. The blue render color is 46, 140, 231. It should constant check if the pixel changes, something I don't know if that is possible either.

I could set it on MOUSEX() & Y position and leave my mouse at that place when I leave my computer, but I was wondering if there is an more automatic way, otherwise, what's the point of Keyboard Meastro? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh! And if you find this a really dumb solution and have a better way with the same outcome, interested in that too :slight_smile:.

Hope someone here can help me! Greetings from the Netherlands!


Hey Luc,

Take a peek at this:

Check Pixel Condition Relative To Front Window

And this:

Send to IFTTT

You'd have to have a periodic check on the pixel, but I think what you want to accomplish is doable.