Send to IFTTT

This plug-in from Jamie Shaw takes the values of five fields, bundles some of them up in JSON and submits them to IFTTT’s URL. If desired, the PLIST file has space for a default value for the “key” field, saving time having to enter it every time the action is used the Keyboard Maestro Editor.

Send To (5.1 KB)

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Peter, I’m familiar to IFTTT but what’s the purpose of this plugin? TIA

I’m not really familiar with IFTTT myself, but I believe this plugin action lets you send and event to IFTTT which then triggers off some sort of action in response.

Well, I found out how it works. This plugin should be used in conjunction with the Maker Channel: This allows you to trigger IFTTT actions with Keyboard Maestro macros. This is a very interesting plugin then.

More info on how to use the Maker Channel: