Alert sound on pasting when macro enabled

I don’t know any programming so please bear with me as I try to explain the issue I’m experiencing…

So I keep hearing the Mac purr alert sound every time I paste with ⌘V or when I press an invalid key.

When pasting, that alert sound is only present when

  1. that specific macro (where pressing ⌘V pastes from System Clipboard) is enabled
  2. When something new had been copied to the clipboard (pasting something new)

In System Preferences>Sound>Sound Effects, I’ve already unchecked the box for “Play user interface sound effects”, and yet I still hear that purr sound with pasting.

I saw this post: “Paste” clipboard items
but it doesn’t apply to me since I don’t have the app called LaunchBar. Also, the sound isn’t one of the sounds from KM’s Contents folder; it is Mac’s purr alert sound.

How can I make that alert sound disappear (besides muting the speakers)??


OK figured it out. Just forgot to turn the Alert Volume all the way down. Sorry. But now I dont know how to delete this post…@_@