"Paste" clipboard items

I keep getting a “swish” when copying text. I thought it was enhanced dictation but I have turned that off and I am still hearing it. It’s like a ‘tick’ sound. Is this possibly coming from Keyboard Maestro?

Is it when you “copy”, or when you “paste”?
Your title says one thing, but your text the other.

How are you performing the operation, manually with std shortcuts, or via KM?

FWIW, I don’t hear anything, in either case.

When I copy [COMMAND+C] and it doesn’t happen every time. Very strange.

If you suspect Keyboard Maestro is involved, next time you hear the sound, check the Engine.log (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder) and see if you inadvertently triggered a macro.

Keyboard Maestro does not make many sounds, pretty much the only ones are the recording ticks and the sounds related to sending/receiving a clipboard, which presumably you are not doing.

Nothing really. Many entries like this:
2016-08-25 21:53:07 Running application query took a while (3012 us)
Then every so often this:
2016-08-25 21:53:12 Running application runningApplicationWithProcessIdentifier (<NSRunningApplication: 0x7fb513450ad0 (com.apple.WebKit.WebContent - 61582)>) took a while (1044 us)

Is there a way to force the sound so I can see if it's the sound I am hearing. I should probably suggest that I really think it's coming from enhanced dictation because it's a sound I started hearing when I first started using it. But like I said, I disabled it and yet the sound persists.

Unfortunately, Apple's NSRunningApplication API is astoundingly badly broken. Maybe it will be better in Sierra.

You can find all the sounds in Keyboard Maestro.app by opening the package (control click on the application) and delving in to the Contents / Resources / Sounds folder.

Hmm... No Sounds folder in package contents.

Sorry, in the package they are not left in the folder. They are in the Resources folder. The Keyboard Maestro Engine.app (also in the resources folder has the five sounds in it’s resource folder:

  • Copied.wav
  • Received.wav
  • RecordingTick.wav
  • RecordingTock.wav
  • SendComplete.wav

Played them all and none are the sound I am hearing. All great sounds by the way.

But that gives me an idea. Perhaps I can search for some other system sounds and find it.

In case you have LaunchBar running it may be the “ClipMerge” sound:

Tom! Genius man! I do and I will check.
Edit: Ok, I just checked and can't find the ClipMerge setting. Where is it?

You launch LB and press ⌘,. It’s under the Clipboard History tab:


The sound file is here:


Ah. Well it's not it after all. I am using LB 4.x so it doesn't have the ClipMerge feature. So the search goes on. :-/

Ok Tom I finally figured it out. After thinking about it. I realized I just updated iClip. I don’t really use it since KM has the paste history so I checked the settings and there it was: “Play Sounds when iClip records and pastes clippings.”

They must have added this as a ‘feature’ in the last update.

Issue resolved.