Any Kind of Separator in Menu Bar Macros

If one has too many macros in one menu, is it possible to organize them with a customizable separator interface element (just line or/and possibility to enter a descriptive header text). Right now I do it creating an empty macro as a such header... Which is not so elegant )


Hey there, your method is a valid one, and the only one I am aware of.

DanThomas created an awesome macro to organize macro groups using separators like you mentioned.

MACRO: Palette Organizer v1.2 (updated)

Please note that KM10 requires a modification to the macro as pointed out in this comment.


I'd love to have a neat separator as Ilya suggests. It is all over all menu bars, which ever operating system.

Additional killer feature would be to align right, usually it is shorts cuts, though sometimes it could be more.

1st pic is Mac:

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 07.53.51

2nd is my current adaptation:

Screenshot 2023-03-25 at 08.05.05