Any suggestions hiring someone to create a fairly simple macro?

Hi, I am pretty new to keyboard maestro. It seems awesome, but I frankly don’t time to learn the ins and outs of it.

I was hoping I could pay someone to create a macro for me. It would involve copy some address data from one web page, breaking it up and pasting it into a multiple field form on another page. This is for handling eCommerce orders so nothing shady going on.

I was hoping to pay around $25 for this. Any suggestions on where I can find someone to do this?

Hey Matt,

Send me the particulars, and I’ll look them over. Probably it’s too simple to bother with payment, but won’t know until I look.

Do me a favor and install the Satimage.osax (AppleScript Extension):

It will make any necessary text-parsing a bit easier.

What browser are you using? Safari is better for this sort of thing, but Chrome should be possible.