Any way to make the window switcher larger?

HI, I'm looking for a way to display the complete name of opened Word documents in a palette. I was thinking the windows switcher would do the job, but it truncates the name. Is there a way to make it larger, or at least fit the longest name?

Not that I know of.

For some time, I have been think about building a windows/tabs switcher using the MACRO: Spotlight Search Prompt by @DanThomas. This would allow search/selection of a window/tab just by entering a few characters of its name, and press CR.

Maybe I'll start that later today. . .

Probably the only current way to do this would be with a Custom HTML Prompt.

@JeffLambert670, I've begun work on this, and have the design and coding for input from Script Debugger working. I'll look at Word next, since that is what you were interested in.