Any way to use monospace everywhere?

Back [in this discussion](https://forum.Keyboard, I learned of a hidden default that let's you set monospace fonts for many areas of Keyboard Maestro.

I'm using that, and it works well... But I just lost 15 minutes trying to figure out why a "case" statement wasn't working…

Yea, it looks pretty obvious there, but sitting in the middle of a bunch of other actions? Not so much.

I would love the ability to have Keyboard Maestro use fixed width fonts in every single input box in the interface. Anywhere I'm typing something, I'd like it to be monospace. Text fields, as always, could be controlled by the font panel, but if it's my input into the KM editor, it would save me a lot of frustration if it could all be monospace.

The leading space that I had trouble spotting sticks out much more clearly in monospace:

Not to mention other benefits like, O - 0 (O - 0), l - I - 1 (l - I - 1), etc.