Apple Mail: Copying/Moving Emails to Mailboxes by Keyboard (NOT Drag and Drop)

I have a vast number of emails in a vast number of mailboxes on Apple Mail--many of which are stored locally on my hard drive. Up till now I have been able to Use Mail Suite which allows me through hot keys to bring up a search rectangle box, type in the name of the mailbox, then copy or move emails to selected mailboxes. I can also open mailboxes the same way,

That said, Apple Mail is soon discontinuing its support for Plugins under Sonoma. This means that this plugin will no longer work under Sonoma (and presumably afterwards).

Though the company is creating a new email client, I have no idea how reliable it will be. Apple Mail is well supported and reliable as it stands. I looked into Outlook which has the above features, but I believe that the .pst files for local storage are easily corruptible--especially since you only get one file for all mailboxes (as opposed to .mbx or .eml files for each one of your mailboxes).

Therefore, I would like to find a way to do this within Apple Mail, Drag and drop is so slow for me and massively diminishes the effectiveness of my work flow.

I just downloaded Keyboard Maestro, but I have no idea where to begin with setting up a macro for this or even if it's possible. Does anyone here have any idea of how I would go about doing this on Keyboard Maestro? I have never done this before. So I would need the specifics spelled out for me.

Thank you! I would really appreciate help on this.

That's interesting to hear. I see it's called MailMaven.

I can recommend MailMate, which also offers those features.

I don't use MailMate for long-term archiving of emails, but that's mainly because I never used for that and stuck with my system.

I can't think of a way that wouldn't be hacky and repulsive. One of the Keyboard Maestro maestros here might be able to suggest something but I think you would be happier using a mail client that worked with you and met your needs. I know still has its fans and for many it's good enough – until, for one reason or another, it suddenly isn't.

Strongly suggest Postbox - robust support for keyboard shortcuts for copying and moving messages to different folders.

Neither MailMate nor Postbox support Microsoft Exchange servers--which I use.

While Apple Mail has some problems with Exchange, it more or less works. It's a certainly a lot better than a few years ago. Postbox says it can work with Exchange, but Postbox's comments on the subject don't make me feel super confident about it.

There is a page by the developer of MailMate with some suggestions and workarounds on this issue, including:

"Switch to an email client which supports the native Exchange protocol. To my knowledge, the only options on macOS are currently Outlook, Apple Mail, and AirMail."

I see that AirMail has a shortcut for "Move to label/folder".

It looks as though the answer by @Zabobon in the new thread Trying to move a Mac mail Message to a folder might be of help with this question.

Wow. This is a year old!

I am in the same boat... nearly a year late upgrading to Sonoma ONLY because I use Mail Act-On (Small Cubed Software) for to move messages to folders with keyboard commands and, as has been noted, that functionality will be lost once I make the OS update.

So I, too, have installed a Trial version of Keyboard Maestro and... well, I've had it for several days now, have posted to the forums, and STILL don't know how/where to start to create what seems like SHOULD BE an easy thing to do.

KM has so many options and functions that it's nearly impossible for this new user to figure out where to start to do this one simple thing.

I haven't given up yet but...