Trying to move a Mac mail Message to a folder

Grateful for any help please to devise a macro that moves an email in Mac mail to a folder using a keyboard shortcut. The destination folder is always the same and in the same email account.

I am going around in circles with it and any help from a kind soul would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

This is fairly straightforward to do using Keyboard Maestro but there are some things to watch out for...

Apple Mail has a menu item Message>Move to (where you can pick a folder in an Account to move the message to). And Keyboard Maestro has the Action Select or show a menu item

But... the exact form of Mail's menus can change depending on what view you are using in Mail.

So, what I do it set up two Select or show a menu item Actions one after the other set to the two possible menu configurations and both Actions set to not cause the Macro to Abort or Notify if they fail (Using the gear menu on the top right of each Select or show a menu item Action).


This results in the Macro trying both possible versions of the menu, one of which will work.

That's a lot of explanation for what is otherwise not a very complicated Macro. So, it's probably simpler to just give you the Macro I use and you can change the Account Name and Folder to the ones you want to use.

I have been using this for a few years now with no problems. It also works on several messages at once if you multiple-select them.

EXAMPLE Apple Mail Move to Mailbox.kmmacros (17.1 KB)

Where I have "iCloud" you would put the name of your mail account. And where I have "Orders Archive" you would change to your Mail folder (in both Actions).

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Huge thanks for this macro and your time in sharing this - it works a treat and will save me some time ! Much appreciated.

Thank you again and you have my best wishes for the future.

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