Are There Any Applications KM Doesn't Recognize for Application Triggers?

According to the Keyboard Maestro Wiki, an application trigger allows you to execute a macro when a "specified application (or any application) does any of the following:"

I've been testing a macro on an application built with Wine, an emulator used by game developers. Although I'm able to run a macro manually from the status menu with the front window displayed, it doesn't appear that KM knows when the app is running or active. Any actions based on either of these triggers fail.

The macro is in a group that's available in all applications, available in all windows and always activated. Log entry indicates "action could not find target application". Any ideas?

Hey Darryl,

Please post the macro, so we can review what you've done.

If you haven't seen this please give it a once-over:

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Hi Chris. I'm happy to post the macro, but does anyone know the answer to my question?