Assign specific browser windows and application windows to specific Spaces

I use the Mac's Spaces feature in an attempt to stay productive and organized. For example Space 1 for Project 1, Space 2 for Project 2, etc.

Problem is, when I need to restart or an app quits the browser or application, windows never re-open in the same Space.

Is it possible to create a macro that would allow me to quickly move all related browser and app windows to a particular Space?

Now that I think about it, sometimes I have multiple Chrome tabs in the same window and would like to keep them that way. The more I think about this the more unlikely it seems this is possible to achieve.

Has anyone found a solution for this perhaps using other methods/apps/plugins?

I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing this was possible.


Have you tried this?

This doesn't do quite what you want, but in case you don't know about it... Right click on the app icon in the Dock, click Options and then select "This Desktop" to lock the current app to its current space. This doesn't help with your window problem.

The thread @tiffle linked to above will give you much more granular control.

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