Attaching a File to Gmail

Hey. I regularly attach the same file to Gmail messages and it's a pain to always go find it in the folder it's buried in. I'm wondering if I could automate this...

I use an app called Kiwi to access Gmail. I was thinking about something with Click at Found Image to click the attachment button but couldn't think of what the next step would be to select the file...

Any thoughts? Thanks!

Hey Jesse,

See this:

Drag Finder selection to "Found Image" in Chrome Browser window - #11 by ccstone

Note that Gmail in Google Chrome will accept pasted files in outgoing messages now.

Pasting is more efficient than the drag and drop method in the thread above, so take a look at this:

Open File Within an Email or Application - #8 by ccstone

You can put one or more files on the Clipboard that are then available to paste.

User an Execute an AppleScript Action to run the given script.

Get back to me if you need help with it.


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Oh, yeah – if you're only dealing with 1 file – the native Keyboard Maestro action Read a File might do the trick.


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