Automatically insert text into 'Trigger Macro By Name'

When I run ‘Trigger Macro By Name’, it asks me to insert text, and then finds and lists the appropriate matching Macros.

But I would like to have text inserted automatically, without my typing.
This way, I can automatically display a list of Macros that have similar names.

For example, I have some macros that are named ‘Affiliate Site 1’, ‘Affiliate Site 3’, ‘Affiliate Master Files’, ‘Affiliate Accounting’, etc.

Now I want to ‘Trigger Macro By Name’ that automatically insert the text ‘Affiliate’, so now all Macros with the name Affiliate will show in the ‘Trigger Macro By Name’ list.

How do I do it?


The KM Trigger Macro by Name action (KM Wiki) does not have a provision for default search text, so you will need to consider alternatives/workarounds:

  1. Have you tried just typing "aff" ? That might be enough to filter the macro list sufficiently.
  • I often add "text keywords" to my macro titles, like "@AFF". That should uniquely identify your macros of interest.
  • You could use the custom macro by @DanThomas to search/execute macros, and customize it to fit your needs:
  1. I just did not want to type any name, just one macro keystroke
  2. Again, I must type the ‘macro keyword’ to search it, I just want a list matching a predefined search
  3. Tried to load this, but it installs about 30 macros, all very complex with JSON codes, and fairly hard to debug.

Just want to click one key, say control 1, and get macro list matching ‘keyname1’, or click control 2 and get macro list ‘keyname2’, etc.

I found a bit of a workaround, by adding an extra key trigger in all the macros that I want to list, then hit that key trigger. This gives the clickable list.I suppose this is fine, just not very elegant.

Thanks thow.

I think you are describing the Conflict Palette (KM Wiki), which does exactly what you want. I find it very elegant.

I make good use of this with many of my apps. Take the Finder, for example.
⌃⌥D brings up a list of Macros that all deal with dates in the Finder:

Then a single keystroke (F, O, or P) triggers the macro I want.
What's not elegent about that?

Notice also that all of these have my "text keyword" of "@DATE", so I could find/list them using the Trigger by Name macro:

I like the first method (Conflict Palette) best.

Yes, this works good!

Found also, another option: ‘Trigger: when string typed’.

Now I can just type ‘af 1’ or ‘af 2’.

Takes me there directly!

Thanks all.

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