Automation of Camtasia Mac

###Anyone using Camtasia Mac Ver 2 or Ver 3?

It is a great tool for recording video screen captures, and then editing the video. It is fairly easy to use, and has many professional editing tools.

I have Ver 2, and I’m about to start building some KM Macros to automate it. I thought I’d make this post here first, in case others had already do so, and would like to share their macros.

Of course, any Camtasia Mac macros I build, I will publish in this forum, in the Macro Library section, with a note here.

I’ve only been using Ver 2 for a while, and I’m considering upgrading to Ver 3.
For more info, see a great comparison of Camtasia Mac Ver 2 and Ver 3.

I use Camtasia for MAC all the time. Did you perchance write macros to start a video recording and stop after a timeout ?