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Best Macro List 2018-05-01 21:17 GMT-0500 The intent is for this to be a list of the best macros, as determined by you guys, the users of Keyboard Maestro. I have set this topic/post as a "wiki", which means anyone c…

About the Macro Library category (1)
Resize Columns in the Finder's List View -- Macro (20)
Signing documents with one key stroke using PDFPenPro (5)
**UPDATED 2019-04-20** MACRO: Palette Organizer v1.1 ( 2 ) (36)
Add Comment Action to Selected Macro with REF Info from KM Forum Post Info (4)
MACRO: Zip Multiple Files in Batches [Example] (1)
Enhanced Screenshot (7)
A Moderately Useful DevonThink Import Macro (7)
Move Front Window, Continuously Movements, Up, Down, Left, Right (1)
Check/Empty All Trashes (10)
A multifunction paste macro (for clipboards, mail variables, case changes, URLs) (19)
Open Startup Disc (4)
Methods of Retrieving the Source Code of a Web Page (1)
Open the Keyboard Maestro Engine Log in the Console or BBEdit (1)
"Type To Siri" (7)
MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ) (200)
Easy Backup (Export) & Restore of Selected Macro (4)
Save Public IP Address to clipboard and paste (2)
Demo of Keyboard Maestro to control Apple HomeKit (13)
Luận văn quản trị Công trình phân loại Công trình đầu cơ (2)
SCRIPT: How To Determine If Finder Item is Alias or SymLink (4)
MACRO or PLUGIN: Open or Refresh a URL in a Tab (Safari & Chrome) ( 2 3 ) (43)
Eject on Sleep (3)
Sending small attachments with Mail Drop (14)
Keyboard Maestro 8.2.4 “Literary Toolbox” Palette (14)
Rename Files Based on Excel File [Example] (2)
Using extra buttons to select next action on Prompt for user input (3)
Replace Spaces with Dashes in File Name in @Finder and Other Apps -- Mod by okn (2)
Replace Spaces with Dashes in File Name in @Finder and Other Apps [Example] (5)