Batch Resize Images to a Max Width ... But Only *Downsize* Images - Possible?

I want to resize some images that will appear in a report. They will never be viewed bigger than 800px wide, so there is little point in keeping the images at their original resolution. So I would like to resize the images, but only if the images are wider than 800px. I had an automator script to resize images, but it would resize images up to that 800px level :frowning:

Is this something that could be achieved with KM?

I have been made aware that Resize to fit is my solution here ... and I now have my macro working as I wanted it to, but in my tests what I noticed was that the resized files were actually larger in file size than the source. So about 75 files were converted, each of them around the 1,500px width mark, all converted to 900px wide ... and yet the file size has gone up by almost double. Which negates the benefit of me trying to reduce the images to be only as large as they will be viewed in the report they will appear in.

So, um ... any advice on how to correct that?

Hi @Lloydi, there's a massive thread that might help you out:

It's got a lot of information in it so you'll need to be choosy about what you can take from it.

Hope that helps.

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Hey @Lloydi,

Hopefully @tiffle's suggested thread will help you out.

If not there's always ImageMagick, which is a very sophisticated command line utility. If you're not familiar with the shell the learning curve is bigger, but there are many examples on the net.


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