Beginner help: completing web form project

im quite new to all this but im starting an ambitious project which involves interacting with a web form, collecting data and completing calculation from that data to reuse in the form :slight_smile: using my intuition so far I have managed to direct chrome to the form and fill in the initial search box using a path,

my first issue is that my form input will only be effective if I put a 10 second or so delay in front of it as the form isn't fully loaded after the url is pulled up and I have logged in.

Is there an effective way to fill this form reliably without putting a time delay before it?

the next problem I have encountered is that my search string doesn't activate a search, however, if I select the form which was just automatically filled by my script then press backspace it begins to pull results from the search.

thanks and apologies in advance

edit: I have solved the problem of the search not actioning without pressing space

Yes. You can check for a HTML element that must be present when the page/form is loaded.

In order for us to help you, we need:

  1. Page URL, or HTML code (posted using Code Block) around the area of interest on the page.
  2. Screenshot of the region of the page you are trying to automate.

You probably need to click on a submit button. Again, we need the same as above.